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Bitcoin for safety

21 minute read

James O’Beirne shares his opinion on where we are headed financially. Posted August 24, 2019.

Bitcoin is Not Too Slow

18 minute read

Parker Lewis explains why Bitcoin is not too slow, why it operates at the speed it does, and how it will scale. Posted August 23, 2019.

Projection and Throwness

9 minute read

The Bitcoin Observer describes an overlooked advantage that Bitcoin has over traditional forms of commodity money. Posted August 11, 2019.

Bitcoin Is Not Too Volatile

13 minute read

Parker Lewis explains volatility and why it’s important to understanding Bitcoin. Posted August 9, 2019.

Bitcoin Layers

2 minute read

Joe Rodgers makes the case for defining Bitcoin scaling layers. Posted 8-8-2019.

Proof of Life

11 minute read

Gigi makes the case for Bitcoin being a living organism. Posted August 7, 2019.

Bitcoin Can’t Be Copied

9 minute read

Parker Lewis explains why Bitcoin can never be copied and how a minority is forcing its will upon the masses. Posted August 2, 2019.

Gradually, Then Suddenly

7 minute read

Parker Lewis introduces a new series and explains why he believes Bitcoin is money. Posted August 2, 2019.

Why Bitcoin?

13 minute read

Wiz shares an excellent piece that recaps Bitcoin security, privacy, and freedom. Posted July 16, 2019.

Bitcoin Recapitulation

6 minute read

Mircea Popescu tells us about Bitcoin’s smallest unit, the satoshi. Posted July 15, 2019.

Why God Loves Bitcoin

3 minute read

Adam Paul Moore makes the case for Bitcoin’s morality. Posted July 12, 2019.


5 minute read

Georgios Konstantopoulos shares a much needed tweetstorm where he describes the difference between sidechains and L2. Posted July 4, 2019.

Money, Banking, Bitcoin, and Libra

29 minute read

Allen Farrington paints a dystopian future and makes the case for money that is open, permissionless, neutral, private, and sound. Posted June 22, 2019.

Bitcoin Average Dormancy

5 minute read

David Puell and Reginald Smith explore dormancy as a metric of Bitcoin’s long-term economic health. Posted June 20, 2019.

Bitcoin bites the bullet

18 minute read

Nic Carter reviews some tradeoffs and how Bitcoin doesn’t take the easy road. Posted June 19, 2019.

There Can Be Only One

3 minute read

Tamas Blummer makes his case for Bitcoin’s strongest argument, the definition of time with computation. Posted June 18, 2019.

The Golden Ratio Multiplier

6 minute read

Philip Swift shares the Golden Ratio Multiplier which he believes will be a useful investment tool in this coming market cycle for identifying areas of profi...

Tweetstorm: Touchpoints

2 minute read

Vijay Boyapati shares a strategy for engaging people with Bitcoin. Posted June 4, 2019.

Five Fundamental Effects in Bitcoin

10 minute read

Bitcoin’s value comes from supply and demand and this article supports this thesis by looking at 5 fundamentals. By Prateek Goorha. Posted May 19, 2019.

Bitcoin’s Security is Fine

24 minute read

Dan Held examines the growing Bitcoin network and explains how it’s security is growing and how it will be sustained over time via fees rather than block sub...

Why Blockchain is Not the Answer

8 minute read

A reexamination at a failed narrative. Jimmy Song makes the case that blockchain is nothing without Bitcoin. Posted May 7, 2019.

Bitcoin’s Gravity

19 minute read

Gigi explains ideas and Bitcoin and lays out the challenges of changing Bitcoin. One does not simply change Bitcoin. Posted May 1, 2019.

Bitcoin is a Weapon

7 minute read

Hector Rosenkrans looks at his own life experiences and tells us why Bitcoin is a weapon to take the power back. Posted April 11, 2019.

The Puell Multiple

3 minute read

Cryptopoiesis looks at several charts from David Puell that help illustrate his ideas on the coming bull market. Posted April 4, 2019.

On Bitcoin’s Academic Lineage

12 minute read

On Bitcoin’s Academic Lineage By ElSeidy Posted March 22, 2019 Stiglers law of eponymy states that no scientific discovery is named after its original disco...

Bitcoin’s True Market Dominance

4 minute read

Bitcoin’s True Market Dominance Analysing Bitcoin’s true market dominance, taking liquidity into account. A new metric, Volume-Weighted Cap, is derived and s...

Why Bitcoin Matters

26 minute read

POsted March 15, 2019 by Alex Svetski, this article explains why Bitcoin matters.

The Lightning Network Reference Rate

9 minute read

Part 4 of 4 in Nik Bhatia’s piece defining and laying out proposed guidelines for measuring Lightning Network fees. Posted March 11, 2019.

Bitcoin Timestamp Security

11 minute read

Bitcoin Timestamp Security Jameson Lopp Posted March 3, 2019 Bitcoin is often referred to as a secure timestamping service. We never had a global record of t...

Bitcoin Delta Capitalization

5 minute read

Bitcoin Delta Capitalization A New View of BTC Long-Term Valuation By David Puell Posted February 14, 2019

A Conflict of Crypto Visions

28 minute read

A Conflict of Crypto Visions Why do we fight? A framework suggests deeper reasons By Yassine Elmandjra and Arjun Balaji Posted January 29, 2019

Planting Bitcoin — Season

8 minute read

Planting Bitcoin - Season (2/4) Central Banks and the 2008 Financial Crisis By Dan Held Posted January 6, 2019

Liveliness of Bitcoin

1 minute read

Tamas Blummer explains Bitcoin Liveliness and what it means as an indicator. Posted December 29, 2018.

The Ultimate Bitcoin Argument

74 minute read

One of the best arguments for Bitcoin. Pomp is an eternal bull and Murad is a stoic wise man. Together they tell a beautiful story. Read this or click throug...

Bitcoin Network Momentum

7 minute read

Philip Swift Bitcoin Network Momentum is a valuable tool in helping us understand why Bitcoin price is at a particular point in the market cycle and also whe...

Blockchain Is a Semantic Wasteland

12 minute read

Nic Carter looks at the mythical word that has everyone scratching their head… “blockchain”. He proposes what we should do with this word. Posted October 5, ...

Money Crypto vs. Tech Crypto

11 minute read

An examination at the changing narrative around “crypto”. Erik Torenberg defines two camps in the space that are here to stay. Posted October 1, 2018

A Modest Privacy Protection Proposal

39 minute read

Jameson Lopp has been doxxed and wants to help you stay safe. In this post, he lays out a framework to protect your privacy. Posted September 29, 2018.

Electric Money

5 minute read

LaurentMT explains the value in PoW and proposes this piece as an entry piece for further discussion. Posted September 17, 2018.

Statistical Fallacy behind the Lindy Effect

3 minute read

Qiao Wang lays out the case for further examination of the Lindy Effect, maybe we should pump the brakes on referencing it all the time. Posted September 15,...

Bitcoin as a store of energy

5 minute read

JP Thor looks at Bitcoin and makes the case that it is a store of energy. Posted SEptember 15, 2018.

PoW is Efficient

12 minute read

Dan Held makes the case for PoW being an efficient use of energy. Posted September 14, 2019.


7 minute read

Part 3 in a 3 part series, LaurentMT looks at the idea of an optimal age of the UTXOs to measure how far the system is running from its optimum. Posted Septe...

The Yin and Yang of Bitcoin

10 minute read

Part 2 in a 3 part series, LaurentMT examines new metrics regarding mining effects and hodling over the efficiency of PoW. Posted September 3, 2018.


11 minute read

Part 1 of a 3 part series, LaurentMT examines why average cost per transaction isn’t a good way to measure PoW efficiency. Posted August 27, 2018.

The Store of Value Thesis

6 minute read

Qiao Wang and Dan McArdle explore their cryptoasset Store of Value Thesis. Posted August 19, 2018.

Bitcoin, Stock & Flow

2 minute read

Hugo Nguyen lays out one of the core fundamentals of Bitcoin’s value proposition, stock to flow. Posted August 15, 2018.

The Bitcoin Second Layer

8 minute read

Nik Bhatia lays out a the baseline for a 4 part series on Lightning Network. In this post, he draws similarities between LN and paper gold, with differences....

Visions of Bitcoin

10 minute read

Hasu and Nic Carter’s fantastic review of how narrative around Bitcoin usage has changed over time. Posted July 29, 2018.

Cryptocurrencies are money, not equity

19 minute read

Brendan Berstein makes the case for cryptocurrencies being money and explains how investors are helping determine value. Posted July 22, 2018.

The Bitcoin Risk Spectrum

7 minute read

Part 3 of Nik Bhatia’s 4 part Lightning Network thesis. This post looks at the bitcoin risk spectrum. Posted July 9, 2018.

Bitcoin Governance

8 minute read

Pierre Rochard lays out how Bitcoin governance works in a decentralized manner. Posted July 8, 2018.

Coin Days Destroyed

1 minute read

Jaoquin Roibal takes to stackexchange to answer. Posted June 20, 2019.

The Time Value of Bitcoin

5 minute read

Part 2 of a 4 part series, Nik Bhatia’s thesis on the Lightning Network. In this post he explains the time-value of bitcoin. Posted June 8, 2019.

Bitcoin: Past and Future

24 minute read

Posted May 30, 2018 by Adam Tache and Murad Mahmudov, this article will analyze these perspectives by discussing trade-offs, philosophical divides within the...

Meditations on Fraud Proofs

60 minute read

Paul Sztorc explains the ins and outs of Fraud proofs. Fraud Proofs address the problem of learning that a Bitcoin header is invalid (despite it being PoW va...

The Many Faces of Bitcoin

27 minute read

Adam Taché and Murad Mahmudov discuss four schools of thought related to Bitcoin. Posted April 10, 2018.

Bitcoin Post-Maximalism

23 minute read

Paul Sztorc lays out what happens after everyone is a Bitcoin maximalist, when the disagreements inevitably creep back in and offers a solution to scale. Pos...

Maduro’s Mint of King Cnut

6 minute read

Beautyon makes the case that Maduro’s attempt to create a new money will fail and any distraction to Bitcoin is a good thing because it gets stronger over ti...

Bitcoin Mayer Multiple

3 minute read

Trace Mayer describes the Mayer Multiple, a way to look at Bitcoin price multiples. Unsure on post date.

That’s not Bitcoin, that’s BCash

29 minute read

Stop and Decrypt takes a critical look at the Bitcoin Cash community and how the branding is misleading on purpose. Posted December 21, 2017.