Tweetstorm: Bitcoin rescues the human

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Tweetstorm: Bitcoin rescues the human

By Conner Brown

Posted June 3, 2019

Bitcoin rescues the human.

The pursuit of rationality has attempted to achieve objectivity in all forms of knowledge by removing the subject.

The common refrain is that academic thought is only useful if pesky human biases are removed.

While incredibly useful in some domains, this has devastating consequences in the social sciences.

Unbridled rationality has led academics to believe they can perfectly engineer society by reducing citizens to the right variables and controls.

This exploded in dramatic fashion through the totalitarian regimes of Hitler, Stalin and Mao (to name a few). Killing millions in the pursuit of objective utopia.

We can see similar trends today in China’s social credit systems—reducing citizens to compliance algorithms.

While less serious, this thinking is also a cornerstone in our present monetary systems.

Central banks around the world actively try to engineer a financial system better than the billions of interrelated ideas, desires, and values in the marketplace.

Institutions such as the FOMC attempt to reduce infinitely complex human networks to predictable curves.

The world is not so simple—the financial meltdowns of the past 100 years are plenty proof.

Such arrogance results in inequality, stagnation, and crisis.

Bitcoin returns an essential subjectivity to our social order by providing a constant, predictable money that individuals can rely on to honestly communicate their subjective preferences.

Our money supply will no longer be controlled by a small group of men huddled around a table, attempting to read the monetary tea leaves.

Instead, rates and credit will be set by the sum total of interactions—with each actor pushing and pulling to reach a human balance.

Long bitcoin, short the central bankers 🤠