Tweetstorm: Bitcoin will usher an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity

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Tweetstorm: Bitcoin will usher an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity

By Murad Mahmudov

Posted April 14, 2018

1/ Bitcoin will usher an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity.

2/ A modern variant of European ‘La Belle Epoque’ of 1871-1914, when the peak of the Gold standard put some semblance of a cap on State power. Money is Power. Bitcoin is the Neo-Gold standard. Murad Mahmudov

3/ Wars, wars on drugs, torture prison networks, mass Foucaldian panopticon-like surveillance machines, military-industrial complexes, prison-industrial complexes etc…

4/ …all become significantly more expensive if you have to pay punishers’ salaries with scarce gold bricks (bitcoin) rather than infinitely printable (read: stolen) fiat money.

5/ For better or worse, systems like social security, medicare and medicaid will collapse as well. Thousands of commercial banks globally will collapse as well.

6/ Cryptocurrencies make vanilla taxation, inflation taxation and fractional reserve banking either significantly more difficult or entirely impossible.

7/ Prepare to enter a hypercapitalistic, hypercompetitive, decentralized, borderless world of unstoppable commerce, where the power of governments is cut in half, and the power of sovereign individuals is doubled.

8/ Deluded people who use ridiculous and laughable terms like “post-capitalism” don’t know what they’re talking about. Capitalism is only just beginning. This is the first reemergence of truly ‘free markets’ since pre-Babylonian, primitive times.

9/ Because as long as the State has a monopoly on money creation, no market is ‘free’. Cryptography is a weapon. Marxism is Totalitarian slavery. Capitalism is unrestricted Freedom.

10/ Thankfully the fabric of reality itself is an anarchic, libertarian leaning structure at equilibrium. Nothing can ever be successfully top-down centrally planned in the long run. Only free will, human action and markets can point us in the direction of growth.

11/ When (not if) some Asian central bank or a large sovereign wealth fund announces they put 5% of their reserves into a basket of blue-chip cryptocurrencies, the world will never the same again.

12/ Bitcoin is a profound Economic Rennaisance, falsely wrapped in a Tech Bubble, itself falsely wrapped in a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme. The complete takeover success of cryptocurrencies is inevitable destiny. It is mathematically inescapable. Once you see this, you can’t unsee it.