Why God Loves Bitcoin

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Why God Loves Bitcoin

By Adam Paul Moore

Posted July 12, 2019

God hates theft.

If you love freedom and prosperity, I’ve got some bad news.

Governments and Central Banks been oppressing and stealing for many years. They have slowly sucked away your wealth and opportunity, while you weren’t even paying attention. Ordinary folks like to blame Wall Street bankers for the problems of inequality in our society today. The truth is, the problem goes much deeper than them. The fault lies with Central Bankers and the politicians who enable them.

Before modern central banking, money was a fixed commodity. It was gold or silver. Un-counterfeitable, immutable, uncensorable. If you moved from one country to another, you could spend your gold or silver as you pleased. Although coins sometimes had someone’s face on them, transactions were conducted by weight, and not by “face value.” When gold and silver were the currency of the world, we had “sound money.”

Sound Money is Good Money

What is sound money, anyway? It’s rather simple. Sound money is money that you can trust. It’s money that you can rely on. It’s money about which you have a reasonable expectation that you can spend it in the future for what you paid for it.

Yes, you pay for money. You pay for it with your labor, goods, or services. You exchange any of these things for money in order to use it for goods and services in the future.

When scarce natural resources were used as money, things weren’t perfect, but money was money. Period.

Something sinister happened to our money system. An ancient evil practice re-emerged called divers (think, “diverse” or different) weights and measures. In the ancient world, goods were bought and sold by weight of gold or silver. For instance, an ounce of gold for one cow, etc.

In the marketplace, unscrupulous merchants would have two sets of weights for measuring out goods and money. When they were balancing their false weight against your money, their special weight would be heavier to make the you add an extra bit to your payment.

Imagine if the grocer put his hand on the scale when he was weighing out your bananas at the supermarket, charging you more money than you really owe. That’s what the Central Banks have done with our money.

Another underhanded practice in the ancient world was the practice of coin clipping. Each coin should contain a certain weight of metal which was to be standardized across the kingdom. When you spent one shekel you should have a reasonable expectation that it contains all the metal in the coin that’s supposed to be there.

But banks and governments got sneaky.

They shaved the edges or clipped the coins to remove a small undetectable amount of metal from each coin they took in. They took that excess metal melted it down, and created new coins to be spent later. In effect, this created new money.

Once someone adds new money into an economy, the value of the current money has been diluted with the new. When a bank or merchant has additional money with which to purchase extra items over and above the original value of the money that they initial acquired, they are tipping the scales in their favor.

They are not operating on an even playing field. They are stealing and oppressing through fraud. One of the OT curses on the Israelites was that their “gold would be turned to dross.” Unsound money is bad, so bad that wars have been fought over it.

Your fiat money is not fair money. It’s filthy money.

Bitcoin is sound money. God loves sound money.

Since the monetary policy of Bitcoin is fixed and predictable, there is no theft. 21 million coins is all the Bitcoin there will ever be. If you want to opt-in to this money, you are more than welcome. Everyone is playing by the rules.

Because the the supply of coins cannot be manipulated or altered by bankers or governments, there is no possibility of being cheated by Bitcoin.

Bitcoin eliminates the “abomination” of “divers weights and measures,” e.g. cheating — theft — fraud. Therefore, Bitcoin is good money.

Bitcoin is God’s money.

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