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The Satoshi Nakamoto Institute is eager to share with the world the best ideas past, present, and future in cryptography, distributed networks, economic freedom, and freedom of information. We are dedicated to curating the best primary source literature that challenge the status quo through technological innovation. Follow the board: Michael Goldstein, Pierre Rochard, Cody Wilson

Satoshi Nakamoto Institute

Bitcoin Only is a vast collection of links to bitcoin only resources (think websites, software, videos etc that are focused on bitcoin). It’s operated by 6102.

Bitcoin Only

Lopp’s Bitcoin Resources was my gateway drug to the Bitcoin universe. You could spend years learning all the information listed in this repository. The site is run by Jameson Lopp.

Lopp’s Bitcoin Resources

21 Lessons is a collection of learnings discovered the hard way. It’s a fantastic format and easy to consume. Click + read + repeat. It’s maintained by Der Gigi.

21 Lessons by Der Gigi

Bitcoin Rabbit Hole is a collection of Bitcoin content that you will benefit from. It’s maintained by Adam Tache. His tweets inspired our Financial Journal.

Bitcoin Rabbit Hole

10 Hours of Bitcoin provides a variety of content sources to get people up to speed on bitcoin. It’s broken into time commitments. Really smart curation. Maintined by JW Weatherman.

10 Hours of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Snippets archives the best content from r/bitcoin. It is maintained by Sam Wouters.

Bitcoin Snippets

Infominer is manually indexing crypto content and other areas of interest like decentralized identity and other open source projects. There is SOOO much information in his projects and there’s way more coming. Maintained by Infominer