Crypto Words welcomes original research from a wide variety of fields, especially philosophy, politics, and economics, but also legal theory, history, literary criticism, and social or cultural analysis. Submissions should be interesting to the Bitcoin community, criticisms of Bitcoin ideas are also welcome. Authors are expected to submit a polished and professional manuscript, essay, tweetstorm. Since this is a one man shop, submissions will be reviewed by the editor and he will use best judgement on whether or not to include the content in the quarterly journal. We also encourage debate with previously-published papers in the journal.


Connect with us if you would like to have your article, essay, or tweet considered for the journal. We are building out a backlog of journals back to the genesis block and will be updating published journals periodically with content that should have been included.

Email the editor

Format & Citations

Microsoft Word is the preferred format. All submissions should include an abstract of around 150 words. As noted above, articles should be submitted in final form, and be thoroughly proofread. American and British English are both acceptable. Footnotes are preferred to endnotes, but are not required. Authors are asked to use the author-date method of citation, through we allow for discretion so long as the references are consistent and complete; we do, however, prefer in-text citations with a separate references section at the end of the paper. The exact citation style is not our major concern, as long as it is consistent, professional, and enables the reader to locate the work referenced. Neither our time nor the author’s need be wasted converting from one citation style to another.


There are no fixed limits on the length of submissions. Nevertheless, authors are encouraged to bear in mind the difficulties of reviewing and reading extremely lengthy manuscripts.

Foreign Languages & Translations

We are interested in English translations of foreign-language book chapters or journal articles of significant historical importance to the crypto community. Interested parties should contact the Editor before beginning work to ensure the proposal will be acceptable.


There are no submission or publication fees.