What is Crypto Words?

Crypto Words is a monthly Bitcoin journal. New journals are published monthly and older journals are published as we get to them. This project began in the spring of 2019, so there’s a decade worth of content that needs to be archived. This could take a while!

Distribution & Format

Our journals are first distributed to our email subscribers and later pushed to followers on Twitter and other social networks. Each publication is available for view as a webpage or pdf download. The journal in pdf format is very readable and all posts are uniform. We’re big fans of pdf format because you can easily download journals for safe keeping and sharing with friends.

Check out this PDF journal for reference: CY18 March Journal

How to use this page

This page is intended to be a place you can reference when you encounter FUD online and IRL. H/T to Inner-Smile

Bitcoin is controlled by miners

Bitcoin is too slow

Bitcoin is too expensive

Bitcoin is bad for the environment

Bitcoin energy usage is all about utilizing the most cost efficient energy, this means using renewables at near zero cost or even capturing energy that would otherwise be wasted, like natural gas flaring.

Yes, it’s true that Bitcoin uses energy just like every other money and human activity. A key difference is that Bitcoin uses energy to secure the hardest money mankind has ever known.

When someone says it is wasteful, they are placing themselves on a morally superior pedistal by trying to tell you what’s the best way to use energy. There’s nothing immoral about using energy to run Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a waste

“Gold mining is a waste, but that waste is far less than the utility of having gold available as a medium of exchange. I think the case will be the same for Bitcoin.” - Satoshi

Bitcoin is centralized by Core devs

Bitcoin has no intrinsic value

We believe Bitcoin having no intrinsic value is a good thing.

Bitcoin doesn’t scale

Bitcoin is too volatile

Bitcoin is for criminals

Bitcoin is centralized, look at Satoshi’s wallet

Bitcoin isn’t money

Bitcoin gets hacked, look at Mt. Gox

Bitcoin is deflationary and that’s terrible

Bitcoin will get banned and/or regulated to death

Bitcoin transactions aren’t private

Bitcoin supply cap is a flaw

Bitcoin distribution isn’t fair

Bitcoin’s Distribution was Fair

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